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Ergoline Advantgarde 600

Ergoline Advantgarde 600, 12 minute exposure time, shoulder tanners, on board AC, and facial tanners

Epic 442,

Epic 442, 12 minute session, built in mp3 player

Ergoline Open Sun 1050,

Ergoline Open Sun 1050, 12 minute session, 32 high pressure lamps

Sun Dash Competition 232

Sun Dash Competition 232, 32 120 watt lamps with 11 spaghetti facials, these are our base beds ,we have four of these which are 20 minute session

Sun Dash Radius 252

Sun Dash Radius 252 stand up booth, 12 minute session, 52 200 watt lamps

Norvelle Auto Revolution spray booth

Norvelle Auto Revolution spray booth, Check out the instructional video on our home page

Ergoline Ambition 300

Ergoline Ambition 300, 15 minute session mid pressure bed, we have three of these